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Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610

Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610

Project vision

The vision is design ofiice or apartmen building. This building will coresponfing with future predictions of humanity as a new kind of working habbits, new living habbits, new energy treatment and others predictions. This building should demonstrate living style in second half of the century. I took as a sample Japanes Meatabolism style which was established in the 60s. This style was desing for high densest city and Manhattan is one of these cities. I also want increase population in the city. I want to create model which turn the city to place where yu want to live and not place where you are working and than go home. Also the global decentralization play huge role in this idea. Finally, office building could be only apartment building with augmented enviromental which we know from todays computers games. Reason why I‘m thinking about it is simple. When we know that the averange working time in NY is around 48,8 hours it is mean that the worker spend 9 hour at work but the day has 24 hours. Office building is used only for one third of the day and it is mean that the office building is more than the half time of its life time empty. When I add averange commuting time to averange working time I got the total amount of time which the employee spent outside of home and it is around 65 hours per week. And again it is one third of the whole time of the week. The point of this thinking is why we are building officies and apartments when they are occupiing it only for part of the time. Why we are spending so much energi and money in the era of saving everything for this? What about to use one unit instead of two or three? Same question is about living. Why do I need kitchen when I‘m sleeping in the bed. Why I need something when I‘m not using it. Just imagine that you can have everything in one room. You will need not 170m2 but only minimal optimal area. You will save money, enviromental and space. My vision is totally erase commuting, erase office building and implement all these things into apartments.

Apartments should suite for one person or two persons. Furniture and equipment should be multifinctionall.

Module building
minimal or optimal space
modifiable and inteligent interior equipment
home as a office
one or two persons unit
suitable for next half of century

Home office

New generation of workers will work remotely from his homes. They will be using for it augmented and virtual reality. Today we can use glasses. Next generation will be eye lenses with displays and the last one will be direct simulation inside the brain. You will be sitting at home and your virtual office will be projected directly onto your retina. You will be able moving with things in VR just by pover of your mind. You can just sit and take relax.

How does the apartment will look?

As I wrote units should be minimal. Also idea of multifunctional equipment is important. My idea is create one room where all furnitures and equipment is assembled when you decide to use it. You really need not bed or whole bedroom when you are sittin on sofa in living room. New Yorkers usually has one room but still they there have stuff which are not using. I want to reduce it to minimum. Ideal model is empty room. When we use AR we can simulate things but just per view. I can physical sitting inside the empty room and all furniture is visualising. This idea comes from video mapping. With this technology we can map anything at tu surface with projectors. Nowdays AR working at the same principle but instead of projectors using glasses. It mean that inside the room can be two different spectators and each one can see something else. I did few studies based on Kurokava capsula building. There was main core and on the outer surface hangs minimal units.

Final description

This project is located at Manhattan, Lexington Avenue 610. The New York City is exhample of typical world Megacity. Analysis provide information about future trends and nowdays situation. I were finding answers to this task. Building was designed hand by hang with this informations. I decide to design building in VR but finally we are already living in VR. Next decision was situate this building into the end of this century. Because technology which I using is in research or only predicted. Decision to design building for this future era was based on analysis and fynding different ways to the same target. This is a theoretical school work and it is reason why I decide demonstrate how the technology will change the humanity. I also want to demonstrate that the architecture is not only about designig nice building but also about finding ways and combinations all branches in one mass.

The result is dynamic apartmen building. It is collection of hundreds living units. These units are levitating in space. Levitation using quantum levitation technology. Each unit is 12m2 large and has eliptical shape. Bearing structure is combination of printed nanomaterials into one mass. There is no physical equipment inside. All equipment is generated from programmable matter on demand. Other surfaces are augmenter directly onto human retina or inside the brain. This technology allow simulate anything. Simulation is used for simulating office enviromental also. Users are getting inside this units by personal hoovering boards. Unit is suitable for one or two persons. This design is based on population prediction. Whole structure reacting to outter enviromental. Units are formed by users or by system. During strog wind or storms are autonomously groupped together or shaped into ideal formation. Units can kepp site boundary or fly ower this boundary. Numbers of units is variable they can be added or removed. Units are printed in docks and delievered by drones. Units are completly sustainable. They are using same system for water recycling as is used at ISS. Feces treatment is also solved similar way. Feces are packed and collected by drones. Units can be shared. When you leave your units it can be occupied by other user. When you come back the hoover will take you to another free units. All personal equipments is stored inside the personal hoover. Setting of layout of room is stored in sotrage and atumatically uploaded when you reach the unit. Are clothes are generating by programming matter so than you need not any wardrobes.

(detail description is inside the text in the right column)

Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610
Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610
Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610
Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610
Ondřej Tomšů | Skycraper 3.0. Lexington Avenue 610