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Jan Tůma | Total Theatre

Jan Tůma | Total Theatre


the kinematic concept is best-represented in this presentation:

based on: knowledges and apprehensions about concept of Total Theatre, transformated by time + contemporary requests to the scanographic space
| Total Theatre (W.Gropius)
| concept of the AMU laboratory (K.Hubáček, A.Pražák, J.Smejkal)
| concept of Variable Space (J.Konečný)
| concept of the New Scene for Laterna Magica (K.Koutský, J.Kozel, J.Smetana, J.Svoboda)
objective: create universal scene, focused on the extension of inscenation possibilities and interaction deepend (spectator-scene-site)
change of function = change of spatial quality
zones: CONCEPT 3+1 vertical articulation and realtions in the space of inscenation
+1 | above (ceiling)
0 | in (scene)
-1 | under (floor)
+e | out (surronding)
...solving the relations and optimal usage of particular zone and their roles in scenographic concept
relations: spectator | actor | scene | technics
receptions: audio-visual + kinaesthesis (feeling of the position in a space)


form: open (hall) space - without apriori delimitation of domains of the auditorium and stage;
both qualities are potencionaly involved
objective: variable space with free floor space
maximal interaction
synchronization and plug-in system of the scenographic elements (light, sound, site, projection...)
concept: SUPERSTRUCTURE (+1 | ceiling)
_structure is platform for the most of the scenographic elements
_works like rail-net, on which are the paricular elements fixed by spherical bearing;
shape allows continuos movement
_movement is directed by computer (connection of algorithms for finding optimal path in the net)
_structure also provides energy-suply for each hanged element (back-bone analogy)
SCENE (0 | auditorium-stage)
_created by segments of auditorium (40 spectators/segment), hanged (multi-point) on the ceiling superstructure
_form and position of the auditorium isn't fix; can be fluently changed during the performance
_segments are combination of hydraulic system and hinges; that provides variability of the auditorium as well as the stage
_accenting kinaesthesis and changing relations spectator-actor
FLOOR (-1 | terrain)
_absolutely free floor space - terrain modealtion, actors movement, connection with technical base under tne scene space
ENVELOPE (+e | surronding)
_created with intention of maximal interaction
_crates a background for the performance by use of spatial and spherical projection and possibility of opening
_connects exterior and interior (shifting boarders between 'in' and 'out')
_supported by special structure - exo-scaffold (exoskeleton)

form: comes from the requierements and parameters of the scene
based on the deployable structure systems
objective: return back to roots on the different level of apprehension
structure: relocatable, kinetic, expanding
concept: structure, which can be transported 'per partes' with maximal purity of inner space
structutre itself was choosen like a main-theme of on-comming project (ATRN)
geometry: sphere (unpacked | theatre) | torus (packed | transport)
kinematics: deployable structures - new SSM configuration
hierarchy: multiplication of the elements
ELEMET (spatial configuration of SSM + tensegrity system)
SEGMENT (part of the buiding, which can work independently)
SYSTEM (connected segments)
actuation: exo-scaffold is connected by draw-bars with inner ceiling superstructure;
movements of the outer structure are transmited to the inner
combination of static and dynamic phases

_universal cells, grouped in the ring around scene
_variable- enables configuration changes, during the site-specific and scene requierements
_transportable 'per partes'

_deployed structure is divided in parts
_by: truck / train

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Jan Tůma | Total Theatre
Jan Tůma | Total Theatre
Jan Tůma | Total Theatre
Jan Tůma | Total Theatre