Studio Florián

Nebohatkina Oksana | The ART-robot.

Robotic fabrication in art, architecture and design.

Industrial robots are the ideal flexible production tool. Modern research and production using robotics originates in more mature areas of manufacturing to accelerate the transition from design to production. While machines for specific tasks contribute to improving the efficiency of mass production, robotic work cells can be reconfigured, allowing a versatile machine to be used for a wide range of tasks. Robots that may lack exceptional precision quickly recover in "intelligence" ... cooperative, closed production cells now learn and adjust their techniques in real time. At the other end of the scale, robots appear as construction tools on the spot, achieving agility to play an active role in the immediate, on-site production problems.

In the architectural industry, robots are more efficient in using resources, more friendly in meeting people's needs and more adapted to the environment.

One of these robots is our “Art robot”. That is, if you replace the handle with a building material and set a third reference point Z, you can create volumetric compositions that will also represent the building envelope. With the help of robotics - construction can become less time-consuming, human and money-consuming. A person no longer needs to do heavy physical work.
Nebohatkina Oksana | The ART-robot.