Studio Florián

 Instalace Zima 2017/2018:

Instalace Zima 2017/2018

foto Jan Petrš
Loran Asaad: Drosera

Loran Asaad


Nature inspired structure which creates many opportunities in the field of deployable architecture.
Diana Švec-Billá: Wing

Diana Švec-Billá


The project was dealing with a bat as a phenomenal inspiration for an architecture.
Shohei Nozawa: Foldable aggregation

Shohei Nozawa

Foldable aggregation

The project about natural forest like architecture using foldable particle.
Isabela Ferrari: SWARM

Isabela Ferrari


Robot swarming could both solve rapidly the increasing demands for shelter and change our perception of the possibilities that involve the built space.
Michaela Jandeková: HOUSING × PRODUCTION

Michaela Jandeková


Ondřej Pokoj: Transferium Praha

Ondřej Pokoj

Transferium Praha

Multimodální dopravní terminál Praha Ruzyně
Jakub Fišera: Desert habitat Siwa Oasis

Jakub Fišera

Desert habitat Siwa Oasis

Design of a new Habitable landscape
Jakub Trčka: Cze-Growing , EXPO 2020

Jakub Trčka

Cze-Growing , EXPO 2020

Technical proposal for czech expo pavilion in dubai /2020.
Jakub Trčka: Growing architecture

Jakub Trčka

Growing architecture

Project based on aesthetization of technical approaches to creating optimizations.