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Rostislav Krones | Transportable stadium

Rostislav Krones | Přemistitelný stadion


My task was to design transportable footbal stadium. That is the entire task, nothing more.


Whole stadium is made from two basic elements - tribune and facility. These elements are self-propelled and have simple navigation system which operate with distance from certain point. Whole concept is based on transfering these elements by plane or ship to specified location (basically everywhere - there must be only huge relatively flat land). Elements are landed at specified place and there begins the actual assembly of stadium. Someone placed a so-called navigational pin (for navigation of elements) to the ground and elements are starting to look for his pre-specified location (specified by distance from navigational pin). After every element has its own spot there start unfolding part (elements are folded for better transportation). Then there is fotball stadium. Interesting part about whole concept is that stadium is a non-invasive. It means that everything is above ground level. For example football pitch is 2,8 meters above ground level and under pitch there is space for facilities of stadium. It is similar in Colosseum.

Element of tribune

Whole element is telescopic. Main part of this element is telescopic u-shaped beam. It carries both the roof and the tribune. Under tribune, there is another telescopic system which unfold it. Whole process of unfolding of this element is on picture attached to this article. Elements are connected by magnets.

Element of facility

Element has main telescopic part and two pieces. Upper piece is for cartridges with lawn (transported separately) which creates a pitch. Lower piece creates a floor. After unfolding there is space between these two pieces. This space is for facilities (locker room, press room,...). Elements are connected by magnets.

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Rostislav Krones | Přemistitelný stadion
Rostislav Krones | Přemistitelný stadion
Rostislav Krones | Přemistitelný stadion