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Instalace zima: 2018/19

Instalace zima


Instalace léto: 2018/2019

Instalace léto


Zihao Jin; Zichao Ye; Ye Zhou: ACT-Sr137

Zihao Jin; Zichao Ye; Ye Zhou


Bc. Cuong Do Van: The BUBBLE SHIP

Bc. Cuong Do Van


The idealistic concept “The Bubble Ship” is a hovering airship which performs rescue missions in order to evacuate people and save lives in case a nuclear disaster occurs.
Shohei Nozawa: Vertical city

Shohei Nozawa

Vertical city

Jan Koníček: NET 1.0

Jan Koníček

NET 1.0

The project beginnings at the Technical University of Liberec. Visiting Studio Doc. Ing. Arch. Miloš Florian, Ph.D. Offered freedom in topics and the concept itself. So I have been involved in projects that would make use of modern technologies to utilise their material and structural properties, thus contributing to the improvement of environmental conditions at certain locations across the planet. In particular, NET 1.0 is focused on the treatment of water in the landscape, how to capture it and continue to work with it in order to contribute to the change of conditions in the vicinity in the locality. NET 1.0 uses natural principles and combines them with modern technology, here specifically it is the principle of spider nets woven from nanomaterials.
Emilie Rážová: Tvary autismu

Emilie Rážová

Tvary autismu

Jakub Trčka: Etuda na prostor

Jakub Trčka

Etuda na prostor

Jakub Trčka: Back on trees

Jakub Trčka

Back on trees

Bc. Oleksandra Yevchenko: Velkoměřítkové městské prototypování pro města: Konceptualní struktura

Bc. Oleksandra Yevchenko

Large-scale urban prototyping for cities: A conceptual framework

The project established the practice of structural modular assembly, employing predefined building blocks to create adaptive and flexible solutions based on customization of spaces.
Adam Novotník: Virtuální Akademie

Adam Novotník

Virtual Academy

New way of learning in virtual 3D space.