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: foto Michal Kutálek

foto Michal Kutálek

Yuliya Bubnevich: Synergy.

Yuliya Bubnevich


If we change over time, our needs, desires, and moods, then why shouldn't the building change with us?
Yuliya Bubnevich: What future do you choose?

Yuliya Bubnevich

What future do you choose?

What path of evolution do you choose and how this may further affect your interaction with the outside world and the building in particular.
Nebohatkina Oksana: BACK to reality

Nebohatkina Oksana

BACK to reality

Smolyaninova Anastasiya: E-Sport Arena

Smolyaninova Anastasiya

E-Sport Arena

Koncept pojizdné a pohyblivé tribuny a scény pro turnaje z e-sportu.
Bc. Oleksandra Yevchenko: Kam jdeme. Nová éra města

Bc. Oleksandra Yevchenko

Where are we going.New era of city

Our world is in the middle of drastic change, the likes of which our civilization has not experienced before.To accommodate this increasing development the City has become more important than ever before.
Jakub Trčka: BOT - Biologization of tectonics

Jakub Trčka

BOT - Biologization of tectonics

Nebohatkina Oksana: The ART-robot.

Nebohatkina Oksana

The ART-robot.

Robotic fabrication in art, architecture and design.
Nebohatkina Oksana: Whirlpool of light

Nebohatkina Oksana

Whirlpool of light

Light as art in architecture and design.
Jakub Černý: G-CUBE E-SPORT

Jakub Černý


The concept of the future environment for E-sport. Variability, adaptation and design.
Tomáš Strnadel: This city does not exi..!

Tomáš Strnadel

This city does not exi..!

Implementing deep convolutional generative adversarial networks.
Andrei Kazlouski : MORPH ESPORT ARENA

Andrei Kazlouski


Smolyaninova Anastasiya: E-SPORT ARENA

Smolyaninova Anastasiya

E-Sport Arena

Bc. Patrícia Keruľová: Gelnica

Bc. Patrícia Keruľová


Bc. Oleksandra Yevchenko: Co je BIM. Budoucnost BIM. Gyroid

Bc. Oleksandra Yevchenko

What is BIM. The future of BIM. Gyroid