Studio Florián

Instalace Léto 2015/16:

Instalace Léto 2015/16

foto: Miloš Sedláček

Instalace Zima 2015/16:

Instalace Zima 2015/16

Photo Miloš Sedláček and Markéta Gebrian

Dominik Císař: REPULSE

Dominik Císař


Lea Kubešková: NEBE

Lea Kubešková


Pavel Paseka: D.U.M. – Dynamic Urban Model

Pavel Paseka

D.U.M. – Dynamic Urban Model

Data-Based Urban Evolution Prediction Toolset, Case Study Manhattan
Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian: Compositional Archontexture

Ing. arch. Markéta Gebrian

Compositional Archontexture

Šimon Prokop: DiagraMUSIC

Šimon Prokop


Architecture and music 

Jakub Fišera: CARBONfibre bridge

Jakub Fišera

CARBONfibre bridge

Daniel Vejstrk: Graffiti Structure

Daniel Vejstrk

Graffiti Structure

Matúš Ficko: CLIMBot

Matúš Ficko


CLIMBot is a fully autonomous robotic building assembly system designed for dense future cities.
Martin Žatečka: Floor Plan Generator

Martin Žatečka

Floor Plan Generator

Veronika Alföldiová: Bakalárska práca

Veronika Alföldiová

Bakalárska práca


Markéta Preňková


Lucia Cyprianová: IN BETWEEN

Lucia Cyprianová


Dominik Císař: SCAR (JIZVA)

Dominik Císař


Ondřej Tomšů: Brain play project

Ondřej Tomšů

Brain play project

Neurobots control your mind, imagination and much more
Jan Gašpárek: Growing Stadium

Jan Gašpárek

Growing Stadium

Miroslav Hlava, Ondřej Pokoj: Phenotic

Miroslav Hlava, Ondřej Pokoj


Ondřej Pokoj: Tweets, 29-6-2016, London

Ondřej Pokoj

Tweets, 29-6-2016, London

Robotic tool for real-time data plotting.
Kristína Balušíková, Lucia Cyprianová : Shape Shift

Kristína Balušíková, Lucia Cyprianová

Shape Shift

Functional prototype of pneumatic wall  in a 1:1 scale.

Pavel Paseka: D.U.M. - Dynamic Urban Model (Diploma Thesis)

Pavel Paseka

D.U.M. - Dynamic Urban Model (Diploma Thesis)

Adaptive, flexible and responsive urban model, which can be further extended to more eligible spatial planning system which proceeds from actual requirements of urban population.