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Dalibor Dzurilla | SUNSPA

Dalibor Dzurilla | SUN.SPA


I’m waking up. 3rd day and Out there is still cloudy, rainy. My mood is deeply below the zero.I’m depressed just because sunbeam didn’t touch me few days. What if only for few minutes the sun could shine on my face? That’s what I need right now!
What if there would be a place where the sun would be every day everytime?
I try to think deeper about it and the idea of SunSpa is not far away.

In few seconds in my mind the Sun is shining on me. Sunlight is healing me. I’m happier , calmer, healthier.
Actually it is the visible wavelengths - sun range (spectrum) what makes me happy. That’s the right therapy on my psychical performance! I want sun , always when I need. I think other people need sun too. I design the building full of sun anytime.

How to do that?

Simply by the evolution. I accumulate the sunlight inspired by the research of Arno Rauschenbeutel from Mainz Univesity. He edited Optic fiber (simplistic: stretch it to half width of human hair , laser inflate section of Fiber , drill microscopical conical holes for wavelengths) When the wavelength is inside doesn’t have way to escape. They called it microresonators.
So the storage device is Optic fiber! The huge bunch of optic fibers accumulate the light and release it inertially.
Each wavelenght has purpose and personal effect. So wavelength influence is my Therapy.
The huge bunch must be somehow organized.

How to implement the spaces for therapies?

I use parametrical design tools to simulate the bunch of fibers. Fibers are specific for each wavelength by thickness and their bending possibility.They can also be woven , or knit. The process can be continuous and their position is optimised . The bunch is organize and create holes. Holes become the spaces .
Spaces become Therapy places .

I created accumulation bunch of light where people can go and relaxe, rest, gain new strength. Just the thought that somewhere in my town is place where I can go to refuel is inspirational for me.
I get up from bed and I’m going to relax in Sun Spa.